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the treatment procedure

the treatment


In addition to good advice, it is important to us that you are always up to date about the process and the status of the treatment.
Here you can find out how easy and uncomplicated the path to beautiful teeth is with us.

Simone Linden

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We get to know each other

During your first visit, we will determine whether treatment is necessary and when we can start. In most cases, a statement can then already be made as to whether the health insurance company will contribute to the treatment costs.


We look closely

At the next appointment we prepare everything for the upcoming treatment. For example, we make an impression of the jaws for the production of the models and take X-rays, photos and a report with which we evaluate, among other things, the space conditions, the condition of the teeth, the bones and the temporomandibular joints.
We explain the results to you in detail and discuss the resulting therapy. Together we will find out which treatment suits you best.

The treatment and cost plan

After the consultation, we prepare a treatment and cost plan for the statutory health insurance or the private patient.
This always refers to a period of four years, regardless of how long the treatment is expected to last. If this period is exceeded, a new plan is drawn up or an extension request is written.

The treatment - it starts!

As soon as the treatment and cost plan is approved, we can start active treatment.
Your cooperation is also required here. Because it is crucial for the success of the treatment to wear the braces consistently according to the instructions and to keep the appointments.
Of course, we'll do everything we can to help you do that and motivate you properly.


Well looked after to the end

Every active orthodontic treatment is followed by follow-up treatment. During this period, the achieved treatment result should be consolidated. The duration of this treatment phase depends on the preceding therapy and on the individual factors of each patient.
Also in this aftercare we are of course happy and reliable for you there!

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