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Straight teeth are part of a good appearance - especially young people in their especially young people in their formative years.

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Beautiful teeth are something you look forward to all your life.

The best time to start orthodontic treatment is early adolescence. At this time, the body is at its most vigorous growth and the change of teeth is largely completed.
These circumstances favor that the treatment responds well and the reshaping of the tooth and jaw position is the easiest - so the treatment duration can be kept short.

Health aspects also play an important role in the orthodontic treatment of adolescents: malocclusions that are not treated can often lead to jaw joint complaints and malocclusions of the teeth with far-reaching consequences in adulthood.

The best solution: fixed braces.

Fixed braces are real all-rounders: they close gaps between teeth, move several teeth at once, rotate individual teeth and align them again.
Fixed braces consist on the one hand of small plates, the so-called brackets, which are bonded directly to the teeth. On the other hand, it consists of the archwire that connects the brackets and exerts permanent pressure on the teeth. In this way, good treatment results can be achieved quickly and inexpensively.

Metallbrackets Metal brackets

Metal brackets

They are part of the standard design of the statutory health insurance and are made of stainless steel. They are robust and suitable for allergy sufferers, but also relatively large. The arches are clamped into the brackets with wire or elastics.

selbstlegierende Speed-Brackets Self-alloying speed brackets

Self-alloying speed brackets

They are very small and made of stainless steel. Due to the shape and small size, the speed brackets create hardly any friction in the mouth, especially at the beginning of the treatment, which accelerates the movement of the teeth. The brackets are clamped with a clip mechanism. This increases comfort and facilitates cleaning.

Saphirbrackets Sapphire brackets

Sapphire brackets

They are made of synthetic sapphire and therefore transparent-translucent. This allows the natural tooth color to shine through and, in combination with white arches, looks even more inconspicuous. To avoid discoloration of the sapphire brackets, extremely thorough cleaning is required.

Depending on the diagnosis,
we can offer other techniques
for teeth straightening in adolescents.

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