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You do not want to wear visible braces as an adult for aesthetic, private or professional reasons? No problem: we have invisible and almost invisible solutions for you!


The invisible
lingual technology

The lingual treatment method is a perfect solution when it comes to correcting malocclusions in adults.
For this purpose, a fixed system is attached to the inside of the teeth - making it not only discreet, but almost invisible.
The internal bracket system is custom-made for the wearer using a patented process. The brackets are ultra-flat and thus guarantee maximum wearing comfort without an annoying feeling in the mouth.
A custom-made connecting bow provides gentle pressure and thus gently moves the teeth into the desired position.

Good to know: Our practice team has a special qualification for treatment with the lingual system.

Aligner eingesetzt

Barely visible aligners

Aligners are removable braces made of transparent plastic that are custom-made. They are a good and inconspicuous alternative to conventional braces.
In this procedure, each patient receives a series of aligners that have been determined in advance in a special treatment plan. The aligners are gradually inserted by the patient, straightening the teeth until the desired result is achieved - efficiently, gently and precisely.

The special advantage: the aligners can be removed at any time and are very easy to clean. Even brushing your teeth can be done as usual.

Depending on the diagnosis,
we can offer other techniques
for adult teeth straightening.

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