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Simone Linden

This is
important to us

the treatment

This is important to us

You are close to our hearts - because only if you enjoy coming to our practice can we achieve the result you want together.


Service and comfort

You should feel comfortable with us. Therefore, we provide a calm, bright and friendly atmosphere in our practice.
Of course, this also includes keeping waiting times as short as possible through good organization.

Clarity and transparency

We are happy to answer your questions and actively involve you in your treatment.
Only in this way can we manage to reconcile your individual needs with the medical necessities of treatment.


First class work

You can expect first class work from us.
All members of our team are trained to do this. Of course, we keep ourselves up to date with regular training and further education.

Latest methods

We work according to the latest methods and with the most modern technical means currently available.


Holistic view

We think: Orthodontic treatment cannot be performed in isolation from the rest of the patient's body.
Therefore, in our treatments we always see the whole person with his individual characteristics and needs.

Of course, we also know that there are people with pronounced fears - especially when it comes to dental treatments.
We treat such "fearful patients" with particular empathy and manage to achieve treatment success in this case as well.

Together with you
we are looking forward to one:

Your flawless,
radiant smile!

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